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We are now in Machpelah Mill,
Junction of Burnley Rd and Station Rd,
Hebden Bridge,
HX7 8AU.  

Look for the green door!

Welcome to Harvester Reformational Church Halifax UK

An Apostolic Reformation
The worldwide church is undergoing a reformation, namely that God is restoring the role of apostles and prophets back to the body of Christ. That which was first to be lost is the last to be recovered (Genesis 50:20)

Governance Operating out of Mutual Submission
In a break from old pyramid hierarchies, we are seeing he emergence of orbital, apostolic governance, with Christ in the centre.
We have apostolic governance and covering from Harvester International Ministries, Cape Town, South Africa. There are currently two Harvester churches in the UK: Halifax and Birmingham.

Fathers, Not Teachers
The reformation is being pioneered by Apostle Andre Pelser and his wife Prophet Nola Pelser.

Christ, Not Systems
We have broken with the old mindsets of religious church and are announcing the new. (Hebrews 9:10)

Worship, Not Performance
We are seeing the restoration of spirit/truth worship and movement in worship.

The Body of Christ Released
We are seeing the priesthood of all believers manifesting Christ's glory in the earth, just as each one has received by the grace of God.

A New Creation Reality
We do not look at outward manifestations but at the new creation reality of Christ's formation in the people. (Galatians 4:19)

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Pastor Duncan and Prophet Beverly Curry who lead the church.
Mobile: 07502209386
Please phone and leave a voicemail if we aren't available to talk. We will get back to you.
We would like to talk to you about the Reformation and why our church is here.
You are very welcome.

An extract from our Worship in Spirit and Truth in the meeting on Sunday November 25th 2012. Click in if you would like to listen.

An extract from our worship in Spirit nd Truth in the meeting on Sunday November 25th 2012 for you to listen to.
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